Amber Jewelery

Design Gitta Foldberg manufactures jewelery in new interpretation/history with amber from Fanoe.

Gitta Foldberg has found amber life through now used for unique jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, etc. The jewels are added to a contemporary expression, where unprocessed amber is combined with gold and silver and becomes unique jewelery.

Gitta produces unique jewelery with the gold of the sea with an unprecedented expression as she is fascinated by amber in its original form and finds amber most when used as it was created from nature’s hand.

Gitta has developed to bring amber together with quarts natural stones like smoke quartz, aquamarine and pink quartz, also made of Gitta, or with a ring that has a special meaning for one. This creates a new design that becomes your own.

Amber is a fantastic material, and with Gittas starting point for historical design, the jewelery complements the other storytelling textile designs that Gitta manufactures.

Amber is a wealth and a pure natural product found on the North Sea, the Wadden Sea National Park. Rav is 40-50 million years old, made of resin and tells its own story that turns into a new story in Gitta’s hands.

The thread between past-present-future is completed in amber products from Design Gitta Foldberg.

See the wide selection of amber jewelery in the store at Fanø, Hovedgaden 24.


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