Gitta’s designs are often based on shapes, colours and moods picked up in the nature and culture of Fanoe and while traveling at home and abroad. In the photo registration and collection of everyday objects, the impressions are subsequently interpreted and translated into unique print designs, interior products and accessories.

The expression ranging in terms of the simple to the complicated and sometimes extraordinarily detailed expression in digital printing where Gitta has developed a technique for painting with digital media. This results in organic abstract patterns that contrast with the tight graphic expression.

Working with both the digital and analogue media highlights the contrast between the fast and slow, manual and digital process. In a time where everything goes fast and is constantly changing, this kind of “Slow design” supports handcrafting, so Gitta´s design gets its own unique expression.

As a textile designer Gitta is working experimentally and masters many techniques. With a broad knowledge of materials Gitta creates designs in various materials in the borderland between art and design.

A major objective of Gitta Foldberg’s designs is to titillate the senses, provide something new and surprising where a long reading time gives the user new experiences with the design. But just as important is that the products are manufactured in Denmark in collaboration with skilled craftsmen with a sense of aesthetics and quality.