Serving tray, “Flower Symphony”

Serving tray that in motive and expression match the buttering boards Tiles/Corner A, B, C and D with historic references to Fanø with inspiration from tiles brought home from the Netherlands by ships as ballast. The serving tray can also be used as a dish for fruit meat cuttings etc. and are perfect for the breakfast table, lunch, sushi and as serving dish, trivet etc. The material is strong and durable.

Design: Gitta Foldberg
Produced in Öland, Sweden
Material: The serving tray is a sustainable product made from certified birch
veneer and laminate.
Dimensions: 32 cm x 32 cm
Maintenance: Dishwasher proof.
Price: € 52

52.00  Inkluding tax

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Weight 0.3 kg


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