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    2017 Gitta Foldberg. Designer behind a collection of scarves and ties for THE VELUX FOUNDATION. Villum Kann Rasmussen founded THE VELUX FOUNDATION and the ”V” in his distinctive signature has formed the basis for the pattern in the specially designed scarves and ties. ”V” for Villum, VELUX and ”vindue”, the Danish word for window. The…

  • Le Carrousel Du Louvre

    Design Gitta Foldberg participate at Le Carrousel Du Louvre in Paris. 1- 4 December 2016 held the 9th edition of Le Carrousel at the initiative of the Chambre Régionale de Métiers are the LÀrtisanat d`lle-France in the prestigious Carrousell du Louvre. Denmark is the year honor country and beyond Gitta Foldberg participate are 8 other…

  • Jubilæumstørklæde


  • SZIDF-2016, Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair

    SZIDF- 2016, Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair, November 6. – 8. November 2016 Collection “Seal on The Edge” designed by Design Gitta Foldberg will be a part of the exhibition invited by Design Denmark (Dd) and SZIDF Link:

  • From Havskarn to valuable design

    Design denmark (Dd) met textile designer Gitta Foldberg, who runs her own company in Fanoe. Gitta puts the environment and Danish-produced unique design overpriced. For her production targets related unique stories, including those who come to transform sea trash ‘havskarn’ into usable design.

  • Karlsruhe, Künst und Design Messe

    Karlsruhe, Künst und Design Messe 3. – 5. Juni 2016 Applied Arts & Design

  • Crafts Fair Frue Plads Copenhagen

    Crafts Fair Frue Plads Copenhagen CRAFTS FAIR AUGUST 11TH-13TH 2016 THE CRAFTS FAIR AT COPENHAGEN’S FRUE PLADS is an annual event, arranged by Danish Crafts & Design Association; The market provides a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of the many crafts and design studios in Denmark. Experience more than 130 professionals within the…


    Design Gitta Foldberg represented in ECCO MAGALOG SPRING / SUMMER 2015 Subsequent collaboration with the manufacturer of the magazine “On Time PR” from Berlin. Design Gitta Foldberg deliver 50 sets of earrings as gifts for VIP Person in connection with the launch of ECCO MAGALOG SPRING / SUMMER 2015

  • 101 Artists 2014

    101 Artists 2014 Editors Tom Jørgensen Graphic covers and organization Tobias Scheel Mikkelsen Press: Strandbygaard Graphic A / S IBSN 978-87-994447-5-5 The publisher JA Aps. Gitta Foldberg is represented in the book.

  • Havskarn

    Havskarn, Exhibition 19.-21. September 2014 Textiles designed by Gitta Foldberg at City Hall, Fanoe. The exhibition HAVSKARN, SEA TRASH, is a hommage to our nature with the desire of all of us taking care of it. Patterns, shapes and colours from HAVSKARN found along Fanoe Beach, combined with inspirations from the Fanoe nature, is transformed…