Design proces

The textile collection “HAVSKARN” (sea trash) is a courtesy to our nature with a desire that we everybody will take care of it.

The collection “HAVSKARN” (sea trash) is inspired by shapes and colours and the markings in the sand on the beach and sea weed found along Fanoe Beach, which afterwards is transformed into a new textile expression.

Havskarn (sea trash) is the name of the mixture of natural and man-made waste drifting ashore on our beaches. In addition to precious amber jewellery, Havskarn (sea trash) has in Fanoe been used in different contexts such as field dikes, bedding and surfaces for roof top turf linings on the traditional thatched roofs and is now the inspiration for a textile collection designed to textile designer Gitta Foldberg.

Pattern names in the textile collection “HAVSKARN” (sea trash) include “Ocean”, “Low Tide”, “High Tide” and “Sea Weed”.