Compass Rose

“Compass Rose” is a 275 years’ anniversary scarf designed by Gitta Foldberg for the celebration in 2016 of the Fanoe islanders buying rights of trading, fishing, hunting, farming, sailing and the outcome of strandings off the Crown. The scarf describes Gitta’s interpretation of the mood in the years after Fanoe obtaining these rights from the Crown, and includes elements related to the sea and of the time of the proud Fanoe fleet of sailing vessels.

The scarf is produced in limited batches with a maximum number of 275.
The textile pieces are also produced as a postcard.
The scarf is produced in Denmark and sewn on Fanoe.
Material: 100% silk twill, digital print
Dimensions: 100 X 100 cm.

Comes packed with a large postcard of the scarf numbered and signed by Gitta Foldberg.
Made in Denmark

202.00  Inkluding tax

Additional information

Weight 2.501 kg

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